RIO Uncut

This podcast is a chance for owners of Refined Image Ottawa Sandra Carrillo & Nathan Strom to talk about hot topics in the medical aesthetics industry that patients want to know more about.

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Episode 1: How we met!!

What happens when a skin health consultant and an injectable nurse cross paths? A powerful collaboration unfolds, leading to a journey of shared ideas and eventually, their own clinic. Join Nathan Strom, and Sandra Carrillo, as they take you back to where it all began. From an initial meeting filled with skepticism to a growing friendship filled with shared insights on skincare and laser technologies, this story is one of growth and commitment.

In launching this podcast series, they are thrilled to offer a unique platform that brings the skincare industry to life. Expect engaging, enlightening discussions on key topics, from skincare essentials to the latest in neuromodulator and filler technology.

Whether you’re hitting the gym or driving home, plug in and let us replace your music playlist with conversations that matter. And that’s not all – we’ll be bringing in esteemed guests to offer their unique insights on an array of topics. So buckle up and join us on this journey. It’s time to get your skincare game on point!

Episode 2: Fake vs Natural? Why you shouldn’t be scared of our industry!

Ever feel that subtle pang of fear, that worry about looking ‘overdone’ if you ever entered a cosmetic clinic? Trust us, you’re not alone. We open up about our own experiences and tackle the misconceptions about cosmetic treatments, talked about by Hollywood and the media. Sharing insights on skin health versus chasing the dream, we shed some light on the ‘J-Lo Effect’ and why it’s crucial to give your skin the care it needs before diving into certain treatments. And if you’ve ever felt lost in a sea of skincare products, we’re here to help you navigate.

Imagine having the power to make informed decisions about your skincare treatments, wouldn’t that be empowering? We provide insights on understanding the industry and finding the right professionals to trust with your skin. Curious? We offer tips on finding reliable information and making informed decisions about the treatments that will work best for you. Plus, we share how you can reach out to us for personalized advice and encourage you to engage with our content on Instagram. So, let’s take this journey together towards achieving that natural, radiant glow!

Episode 3: Unlocking the Secrets to what treatments Sandra and Nathan do to themselves

Ready to level up your skin health game? Prepare to take notes as we reveal the secrets behind top-tier skin care treatments and fillers in this episode. We delve deep into the ACES theory, a fresh approach to skincare that highlights the importance of Vitamin A, C, Exfoliants (AHA’s & BHA’s), and sunscreen. We also take you behind the scenes of the laser treatments we swear by – from RF micro-needling (POTENZA & MORPHEUS) to Pico second technology (PICOSURE PRO) and the Laser Genesis Facial (NDYAG). Plus, an insider scoop on our favourite Tox treatments, and the areas we get filler done for that perfect facial symmetry or balance!

But that’s not all. We also get personal sharing our own journey towards better skin, discussing everything from chemical peels to laser hair removal. Ever heard of the latest trend in laser hair removal for men? We break it down for you, and yes, it involves targeting areas like the neck, chest, and stomach. We even touch on our experience using the Pico Pro laser for eye treatments. And as we wrap it up, we share tips on establishing the right skincare routine that works for you, and what to anticipate when opting for laser treatments. Stay tuned, and let’s embark on this journey to flawless skin together!

Episode 4: Fitness vs Alcohol-Free: Who is going to win

Sandra and Nathan are embarking on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle, cutting down on alcohol, hitting the gym, and looking forward to the positive effects on their overall wellbeing. They are pushing each other to perform in business and in making healthier decisions.

They share how in life we face the intimidating yet rewarding path to health and fitness, emphasizing the essential role that a supportive environment plays. They highlight the fun of diverse classes at Love Your Body Fitness that cater to all individuals looking to make changes in their health and well-being.

As part of our commitment to health and fitness, they also explore how our drinking decisions influence our eating habits, with surprising insights into the impacts on our skin health.

To top it all off, they give you the details of an exciting event coming up on the 28th of September and how you can join. The lively discussion, packed with practical tips and personal anecdotes, promises to leave you inspired and motivated to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Episode 5: RF Micro-Needling Unplugged: The Skincare Game Changer

Get ready for an enlightening conversation with the queen of our clinic’s laser and devices, Nurse Maddie B. Maddie brings her vast expertise and knowledge to the discussion, and together, we discuss RF Micro-Needling, a treatment that’s causing quite a buzz in the skincare industry. We explore the magic of collagen production, the crucial role it plays in maintaining skin health, and how RF Micro-Needling stimulates this crucial process. Prepare to be patient though, as Maddie emphasizes the importance of time when it comes to seeing results.

This episode is packed with answers to some of the most burning questions about skin tightening and texture issues. Nurse Maddie B uses her extensive experience to help manage patient expectations realistically. 

Furthermore, we dive into a candid discussion about the Potenza RF Micro-Needling device, its versatility, and why we believe it’s a market leader. 

Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast or someone considering RF Micro-Needling treatment, this episode promises expert advice and useful insights. So plug in your headphones and tune in to understand more about this game-changing treatment.

Episode 6: Transform Your Skin and Wellness with Vivier: Unlock the Secrets of Superior Skincare!

Ready to transform your skin and corporate wellness program? Prepare for a unique fusion of relaxation, advanced skincare, and insightful education as we speak to the educational team from the esteemed skincare line, Vivier Pharma. Inspired by our exclusive RIO Corporate Experience, we not only offer superior laser treatments, but also share essential knowledge on skin health to empower your team’s wellness journey. Uncover the secrets behind the success of this amazing skin care line from first-hand experience, a treat you wouldn’t want to miss.

We then travel deeper into the world of Vivier’s exceptional skincare programs. Our focus leads us to their Advanced Anti-Aging and Sensitive Skin Programs, designed with precision for various skin types. Listen to the team’s valuable insights about these products, from the benefits of their popular eye cream to the innovative combination of Derma V and their Redness Solution in the Sensitive Skin Program. This engaging and enlightening conversation will provide you with a deeper understanding of skincare health, industry best practices and the products that can revolutionize your routine.