Nathan Strom

Co-Owner & Skincare coach

Nathan has been a passionate professional in the woman’s health and medical aesthetic industry for over a decade.  He has a huge passion for the skin especially treating the skin with energy devices (Lasers) and skincare.  
Nathan refers to himself as a Personal Trainer for the skin.  He understands the intricate differences about each layer of the skin and what is required to help you look and feel your best.
Healthy skin is beautiful skin.  For best results your skin requires a blend of different laser treatments to target each layer with skincare acting as the nutritional fuel for that extra special result.  The more consistent you are the better the results you will have.  Just like physical and mental fitness.
In his spare time Nathan works globally as an industry Key Opinion Leader speaking at many conferences teaching other professionals how to successfully use skincare and energy devices in their practice for best patient results.
Nathan is excited to join Sandra and the team at RIO to help all patients find a consistent skincare and energy device regimen to maximize their healthy skin results.